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Data Challenge FEM 365

We are a group of women in Colombia dedicated to study data science called DataScienceFem and we have the challenge to learn Data Science in one year:

¡¡Data Challenge FEM 365!!

Our Amazing Team Leaders

Meet our leaders, who were the first members of this study group, they are dedicated to provide content and tools for our team to finish our challenge:

Carolina Londoño

Johana Salinas

Sharon Camacho

Stefany Álvarez


These are the women who have joined us and constantly make a difference in our team.


These are our mentors, they have vast experience working in different IT applications such as web development, python packaging...

Audrey Roy G.

Author at 2 Scoops Press

Daniel Roy G.

Author at 2 Scoops Press

Gonzalo Peña

Project-Eng Anaconda

Guillermo Rodas

Front-end Developer at Auth0

Jeison Higuita

Front-end Developer

Victor Higuita

Software developer - Professional in home automation & IoT Technology